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Another great addition to the world famous Zizo series - Zizo Rokr Z1, the first ever 15W Bluetooth speaker with a masculine build and rugged body. Barriers are meant to be broken, your Bluetooth speaker isn't. Plus several hours of battery life, these beast-degree speakers have no limits and neither will you. Designed and inspired by the love shown by you, the Zizo Rokr Z1 is exactly what its name says, a Rokr of music. Redefining portability and durability, it is an outdoor heavy duty Bluetooth speaker. Its large sized drivers and a huge bass diaphragm punches the music out like never before. Don’t be fooled by the ruggedness of the Rokr Z1, it is also very elegant and pleasing to look at. Packing massive 15W speakers, the Rokr Z1 will literally have you asking for an encore. Get the beauty and the beast in one device, the Zizo Rokr Z1. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth speakers, the monster Zizo Rokr Z1 Bluetooth speaker amplifies higher as well as lower bass frequencies thanks to the unique combo of powerful stereo sound (15W). A power-packed bass experience on the go is finally here. Long lasting battery life to keep the beats going. Ordinary Bluetooth speakers just can’t handle the heavy load of bass and stereo for long hours. The Zizo Rokr Z1 Bluetooth speakers can rock a party outdoors and indoors, beaches, poolside bashes or impromptu house parties, this rough-and-tough, rugged speaker is all you need to set the ball rolling. The superior Bluetooth connectivity enables easy hands-free communication to take and make calls. Bigger, stronger and better - 15 watts of power unlike ordinary Bluetooth speakers, the monster Zizo Rokr Z1 Bluetooth speaker amplifies higher as well as lower bass frequencies, thanks to the unique combo of powerful stereo sound (15W) and a passive subwoofer. Uses the very latest Bluetooth technology to experience the high quality sound of Bluetooth with less delay, more stability, faster pairing and lower power consumption from connected devices (like your phone) when wirelessly streaming audio. Carry your music with you anywhere you go. Beaches, gyms, pool, parties, long drives, outdoors or at home. Dazzling build quality complements the modern, best in-class Bluetooth speakers. The LED color changing light lits your party. The built in retractable handle and wheels for portable usage makes it more durable and easy to carry. The USB and AUX functions allows you to stream music even without bluetooth. The Built-in FM Radio allows you to explore more options. The built-in battery of 2000mAh makes it more long lasting than ever.


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ZIZO Rokr Z1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker