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5 Apps to Survive 2020

In times where everything seems uncertain the one area of our lives where we could use a bit of certainty is within ourselves. These 5 apps can help better your mental and physical health without taking up too much time throughout our already hectic day.

  1. Five Minute Journal is an app that is exactly what it sounds like, a way to positively start your day with recognizing the things you are thankful for, and how you can continue to live your life throughout the day with that continued mindset, in a timely manner all before you even leave your bed. Then with a final quick review at the end of the day Five Minute Journal reminds us there is always something to be grateful for.
  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to wind down after a long day, if you find this to be the case more often than not, Calm might be the app for you. Calm is a guided meditation and relaxation app to help steer you in the right direction with your mental health and awareness. Plug your Venture noise cancelling headphones in and explore topics that include deep sleep, anxiety, forgiveness, relationships and much much more. So whether you need to let go of the day that has come and passed or find forgiveness, not for others but your own peace of mind, Calm can guide you through.
  3. Another form of self care is learning, Skillshare is an awesome app with thousands of classes among hundreds of different skill sets that you can learn. Pop open that kickstand and choose from a ton of free content, and if you take to a particular skill or hobby you can join their monthly membership and master it! Sometimes, we express ourselves in ways that aren’t through words and emotions but our passions, so find yours on Skillshare.
  4. If you feel like finding your best self might be done through physical activities AllTrails might be a winner. Grab your Bolt holster and get ready to go, AllTrails offers over 100,000 trails in multiple countries across the globe, from a trail in your own backyard to national forests, crowd sourcing of photos and reviews of each trail on the map provides you with in depth experiences to pick your method of madness, running, walking, biking and hiking, there is definitely a trail for it using AllTrails.
  5. If you take to the physical, but love a good healthy competition with friends Strava is another great app to continue or start your physical health journey and track your progress along the way. Strava allows you to sync your ZIZO Smartwatch, join challenges, follow your friends and share photos from the path you might take. A fun way to be competitive, take care of yourself with accountability and fuel positive reinforcement with friends Strava definitely makes the cut.
No matter where you are on your physical or mental journey, you deserve to be happy and healthy and these apps are definitely a step in the right direction. Always remember to check in with yourself and those you care for in a time where now more than ever we need to take care.

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