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ZIZO Wireless

ZIZO TRANSFORM Series Galaxy S20 Case

ZIZO TRANSFORM Series Galaxy S20 Case

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About ZIZO. Don't just get a phone case that protects your phone. You deserve more than that. ZIZO is a Family company brand that has been innovating cell phone cases since 2006, this is the brand's combined expertise into one case. Simply, a masterpiece. This is a sleek case that is thin. Made to maintain a low profile, this case inhibits two layers: a rigid outer shell and a soft inner shell. It is coated with a sleek texture to promote a feeling of luxury and elegance. The first in its kind, a protective case that is simple, lightweight, and slim. Our designers have hand selected the richest colors and textures to make the phone itself stand out. This case not only guarantees your phone's protection, but also will make it stand out from the rest. This case is compatible with the Galaxy S20.
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  • Don't just get a case that only protects your phone, you deserve more than that!

  • A lightweight, heavy-duty case that will protect your phone from bumps, drops, and shocks.

  • ZIZO is a Family company that has over a decade of experience in making quality phone cases.

  • Each aspect is carefully designed, checked, and tested to ensure quality and consistency of the product.

  • The case is compatible with the Galaxy S20