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Zizo PIK Case for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus - TPU Bumper + Glass Screen Protector and Anti-Slip Grip

Emerald Green

Lightweight, Resilient and Translucent.

Crafted with textured edges and a translucent TPU back plating, the PIK by Zizo® maintains a thin yet protective exterior. The textured edges provide an Anti-Slip Grip to ward off any accidental drops. Extra TPU on the edges take the impact of any shocks and drops. With the PIK Case, your phone is ready for anything.

  • Military Standard 810-G Drop Test Compliant
  • Includes a Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Crafted with clear TPU backing to show off your phone
  • Textured sides provide an Anti-Slip Grip

Built for Impact, Crafted for Clarity

Crystal Clear Transparent TPU Backing

Crafted with a crystal clear backing so you can show off your phone no matter where you go. Keep it simple with a unique and stylish touch to the back of your phone.

Advanced Shock Absorption Technology

The beveled and prominent corners of the Pik are not just for looks - this feature also disperses shock. The bulging corner adds just the right amount of distance between your phone and what ever it's hitting to keep it safe.

Textured Sides

Textured sides add an anti-slip grip to this case. Most bumper cases are slick and slippery - causing many "uh-oh" moments. The slight gaping ridges also add an extra layer of shock absorption in places where your phone is most likely to hit when it falls.

Ultra Thin Military Standard 810G Drop Test Certified

Much thinner than our other Military Grade cases, the Pik still survives all the brutal tests we put it through. Due to all the technology and innovation mentioned above, this case is one of the safest iPhone cases ever built.

Zizo Tempered Glass Included

This product includes a Zizo 0.33 mm 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The Zizo Lightning Shield provides full clarity and zero distortion. With one-push installation, this anti-fingerprint tempered glass is easier than ever to apply. It is made with ultrathin, oleophobic coated glass to prevent scratches and give you peace of mind.