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Zizo Full Edge to Edge Lightning Shield for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 0.2mm 9H Screen Protector


Full, Edge-to-Edge Protection.

Zizo Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the premiere screen protection for full, edge-to-edge coverage of your phone. It is precisely engineered to cover every inch of your curved screen while giving you 100% touch sensitivity and HD clarity. Other features include:

  • Ultra thin scratch-resistant, oleophobic-coated glass material
  • 100% touch sensitivity with smooth, beveled corners
  • 9H surface hardness yielding an absolute seamless user experience
  • Anti-fingerprint and Anti-scratch.
  • Easy, one-push installation

Watch out for cracks and nicks as your screen protector ages, as these can become a hazard. If they're extremely cracked or chipped they can get sharp. They also lose their structural integrity and their ability to protect your screen. That's why it's good practice to replace them every so often. Zizo recommends once a month to ensure your device's safety. 

Designed With You In Mind

3D Curved Fit

Our Full Edge-to-Edge tempered glass is precisely engineered to cover every inch of your curved screen.

HD Clarity

Our glass delivers 100% image clarity allowing you to view every pixel in your HD display at full resolution like it was meant to be.

Nothing Lasts Forever, but our Subscription Can

Screen Protectors Chip and Crack Overtime. Plus They're a Breeding Ground for Bacteria. With Zizo's Screen Protector Subscription you get a new screen protector every month at a discount. If your rough on your phone, and don't want to risk your device going unprotected, the subscription is meant for you.

How'd they'd get so dirty? Because you touch things!

Even if you're an avid hand-washer, we bet you don't wash your phone nearly as much. Phones are perfect for bacteria to thrive because we touch them A LOT, and if we're not touching them, they're in our warm pockets. Which is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and culture.

guess what has more bacteria