Zizo 360 Series Case for iPhone 8 Plus, Full Coverage in a Slim Fit Case with Tempered Glass

Thin, Stylish, and Progressive.

Tired of overkill cases that are just too bulky? The 360° case is crafted to protect your phone from all angles. Stopping any damage from short falls and light scratches that can happen in your everyday. Although it may not be as durable as our other heavy duty cases, it is the thinnest case available today.

  • Includes Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Less than a 1/16" thick

  • Light as a feather

  • Made to match iPhone 8 Plus Colors

    Designed to be thin, yet durable

    Advanced Protection and a Free Screen Protector

    The Zizo 360° Case includes a tempered glass screen protector. Combined with the case, it provides protection from any possible angle. No matter how you drop your phone, the case will take the impact. The case itself interlocks to provide extra protection around the edges while also easing assembly.

    Light as a Feather and Thin as a Dime

    Specially formed to add less than 1/16" of an inch to the height and width of your phone. It is the thinnest case ever created! Due to its material and shape, it weighs as much as a feather. You'll hardly notice it's there! Colors also designed to match those of the iPhone 8 Plus.

    Qualifies for: