Rotating Ring Holder for Flat Back Cases - Finger Bracket Holder and Stand

Elegant, Convenient, Practical.

Discover the convenience of the best and most elegant accessory for your phone.

  • Compatible with any Flat Back Phone Cases
  • Hold your phone securely when making calls or texts
  • This ring doubles as a stand
  • Includes Hook to mount on your car desk, or bed with ease
  • Easy application

Designed for Convenience and Style

360 Degrees of Security

Hold your phone securely by slipping a finger through the ring holder. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees and swivel 180 degrees, you can use your phone securely at any angle.

Doubles as a Stand

Need to watch a video or read a recipe? Use your phone hands-free! This ring holder also doubles as a stand.

Easy Installation

Tear off the protective film and apply the ring holder on your phone. Press firmly for 5 second and you're ready to go!

Secure and Versatile

The ring holder also pairs well with any car mount. The ring works as a hook to latch on to your car mount with 360 degrees of rotation.