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Nano Technology Shatter Proof iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus Screen Protector

Advanced Shatterproof Technology

Zizo® Nano Tech shatter proof screen protector is the state of the art protection for your iPhone. It is the cutting edge of innovation as it uses 4 impact, shock, dispersion, and scratch resistant layers to combat the dangers of everyday. All without sacrificing HD clarity, touch sensitivity, or stopping glare. It's designed to keep your phone's screen safe from almost any impact. It can handle direct hits from hammers, rocks, and screw drivers, leaving your phone's screen intact. You can even use it to hammer in a nails without any worries.

  • Nano Technology Shatter Proof Design
  • 4 Layers of anti scratch, impact, dispersion, and shock.
  • HD Clarity, and no loss of touch sensitivity
  • Bendable and flexible
  • Anti fingerprint and smooth touch
  • Easy, one-push installation

Engineered to take the damage


Nano Tech

4 micro layers protect your phone from shock, impact, scratches and glare. It's the state of the art technology that keeps your screen going even when used as a hammer.

HD Clarity

Our glass delivers 100% image clarity allowing you to view every pixel in your HD display at full resolution like it was meant to be.

Qualifies for: