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Mini in-ear Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset / Earbud

Small and Comfortable

Free up your hands while you’re talking on the phone with this Mini in-ear Bluetooth wireless earbud. Innovated to be extremely compact while providing excellent sound quality. Up to 3 hours of talk time and lightning fast recharge of 60 minutes. It will save you from a ticket while you're driving and talking on the phone.

  • Comfortable - comes with 3 ear tips for that perfect fit
  • Weighs 5/6th the weight of a dime and much smaller than one too
  • Built in 45mah Lithium Ion battery good for up to 3 hours of talking
  • HD sensitive microphone. Ideal for talking and driving, or stealth listening
  • Fast pairing in less than 0.3 seconds. LED indicator lets you know when devices have paired up.

Please note: The Mini in ear-wireless Bluetooth 4.1 is only for one ear. Meant to be used as a hands free device. The size of this wireless headset is derived from the test date of our engineers which will be suitable with most persons' ears.

Stealth Listening and Chatting

You Won't Know it's There

It's innovative design allows it to be the smallest bluetooth headset you can find as long as you're not a spy. People will still think you're crazy as you pass them while talking into your nearly invisible bluetooth earbud.

Clear Sound

With a built in HD speaker and sensitive microphone you get the best of both worlds. No one on the other end of the phone will know that you have them on bluetooth. Nor will you notice a drop in performance from your phone's speaker.

Qualifies for: