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Zizo Shock 2.0 Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Metallic Bumper Case + Full Black Tempered Glass

Neon Green/Black
Rose Gold/White

Thin, Resilient and Translucent.

Crafted with a polycarbonate metallic edge and a translucent TPU back plating the Shock 2.0 maintains a thin yet protective exterior. Working together the two pieces protect against scratches and drops on almost any surface. The PC metallic bumper handles the impact and the TPU prevents the scratches. With the Shock 2.0, your phone is ready for any day.

  • Military Standard 810-G Drop Test Compliant

  • Includes Full Black Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Crafted with Metallic edges and a TPU backing to be ultra durable and thin

    Low Profile Metallic Protection

    Safety of a Metallic Edge

    Surrounded by a PC metallic bumper, your phone is safe from  impact on hard surfaces. While the interior TPU bumper disperses shock and prevents any metal on metal contact. 

    Beveled Edge Screen Protection

    Slightly raised, the edges of the case surround the screen and provide extra protection against falls directly to the face of the phone. Coupled with the included screen protector, your screen is safe for any adventure.

    Crafted to Accentuate and Protect

    Designed to accentuate the features of your phone. Small cutouts on the back of the case add depth to the case instead of a plain back plating. PC Metallic side bumpers come polished in several different colors to suite everyone's taste.

    Thin yet Protective

    The Zizo Shock Case provides great protection against scratches and drops. Reinforced PC metallic sides ensures durability while maintaining a slim exterior. Its sleek and accentuates the the look of your phone.