7 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Red iPhone Battery

February 23, 2017

7 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Red iPhone Battery

1. Find Who’s Being a Greedy App

Some will keep being greedy even when they’re in the background. Even when you're not using them.

Like my Podcasts app at the top right of the list.

It’s been sucking battery all morning and I haven’t even had a chance to listen to the latest Criminal Podcast.

You have to shut these down if you don’t want them snagging up all your battery life.

To turn them off tap Settings > Battery to see all those greedy battery hungry apps.

Turn off the one’s you don’t really need.

Something like Podcasts, you might want running in the background so you don’t have to wait for it to load later.

iPhone 7 Battery PAge

2. Stop your iPhone from playing Fetch with your Email


If you’re like me, and have more than a few email addresses.

You  won't need to be notified every time you get a new promotional email.

Your iPhone automatically is set to “fetch” all your new emails so that they instantaneously show up on your phone.

Simply tap Settings>Mail>Accounts>Fetch New Data and turn push to off.

Then you’ll be able to set which email your phone has to play fetch for.

And if it does have to fetch, you can tell it how often.

The less, the better, for your battery life.

iPhone 7 email page
3. Is Your iPhone Bright Enough?

iPhone 7 screen brightness

This one is always the most obvious and the first thing most people go to to save some battery life.

To get the most out of your phone’s brightness it’s best to keep it in auto-brightness. That way you’re not trying to cover it with your hand in the day time just to see the screen.

Finding auto-brightness is easy. Once again tap Settings>Display & Brightness  and make sure its clicked on.

While you’re there you might as well change the auto-lock. Set it to as low as you can so the screen doesn’t stay on any longer than it needs to.

Turning off “Raise to Wake” may be a good idea too if you’re into really saving some battery.

Of course when you really need to conserve, it might be better to take it off auto-brightness and keep it at its lowest setting.

4. Disable, Disable, Disable

You’ve already turned off Email Fetch, but it’s even better to disable all the push notifications, location services, and background app refreshing.

At least for all the apps you don’t use often.

For Push Notifications and refreshing tap Settings and scroll to the bottom.

You’ll find all your apps. Turn off all the ones you don’t need sending you notifications. And turn off any background app refreshing.

Locations services are found by tapping Settings>Privacy>Location Services. There you’ll be able to control which apps are looking for your location.

I have most of mine set to search where I am when I’m using them.

iPhone 7 disable page

5. Automatic Downloads

If left unchecked your iPhone will automatically choose when it wants to download and install new updates.

Which can take quite a bit of battery.

To put a stop to it tap Settings>iTunes & App Store and turn them all off.

You can still update all your apps by visiting the app store and updating manually.

If you don’t have unlimited data, it might be best to turn off the Cellular Data too.

iPhone 7 auto download

6. Reducing Widgets on Lock Screen (iOS 10)

One of the coolest features of the iOS 10 are the new widgets that appear to the left of the lock screen.

It’s a nice and quick way to check updates from apps that are important to you.

But chances are you don’t need all of the stock apps turned on. Waste not want not and turn them off.

To turn them off press your Home Button>Swipe Right>until you can’t go any further. You’ll see all the miniature versions of some very common apps. Scroll to the bottom and tap the Edit button.

Then it’s as simple as removing the ones you don’t want.

iPhone 7 widget page

7. Time to Shut it Down

Turning your iPhone off is the absolute best way to conserve battery.

It’ll stay charged for… well as long as you have it off for.

The next best thing would be putting it on Airplane Mode.

Can’t do that? Turn off what you can.

Shut down the Bluetooth, Wifi, and Airdrop.

You can turn all those off in the same place.

Just Swipe Up and tap which ones you don’t need for the time being.

iPhone 7 airplane mode

And now your saving battery like a real energy hoarder.


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