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How to get the most life out of your phone’s battery

September 30, 2016

How to get the most life out of your phone’s battery

If you're like me and your phone is pretty much dead before you charge it, you’re hurting its life span.

Within a few months your phone may not be staying charged like it once was. It’ll die faster, and faster. That’s because it’s only holding about ¾ of its original charge.

The fact is, Lithium Ion batteries like the ones we have in our phones, tablets, and laptops, don’t like being fully charged. Today, our devices have circuitry that don't let your batteries overcharge. They still let them get to 100% though, which can be damaging.

Charging to 100% causes voltage stress on the battery and will wear down its lifespan. Thus decreasing how long it can keep a charge throughout your everyday.

In contrast Don’t let your phone completely die either

Letting your phone get down to 20% or less, is just as stressful as getting a full charge.

It’s even worse to let it go down to 0% and then fully charging it again.

The spike in voltage from 0-100 is only good every once in awhile. Experts recommend maybe once a month is good for a battery to reset it.

The Trick to Keeping a Long Lasting Battery is Keeping it Between 40%-80%

This is playing into the science of how the battery actually works. Keeping it in that range will not stress out the battery. Letting you enjoy your phone longer into the day and longer into the year.

It’s almost like a game you’ll have to play. Charge it a little bit throughout the day always avoiding letting it fall too low.

If you’re like me, my phone is always dead because I simply forget. The answer may be an external battery or a case that charges it for you.

Remember to always to be careful not to overcharge and to use the right charger.

If you’ve bought a cable that isn’t the correct voltage for your phone it can also cause overcharging.

It is always recommended to use the charger that your phone came with. If you’re using a third party charger be sure to check if it’s the same rating as the one it came with. Or at least approved by your phone's manufacturer.

That’s the catch with fast chargers. Any charger claiming to charge your phone up to 100% in a matter of minutes is just a gimmick. And if it does charge it up that fast, it’s really bad for your battery because of the voltage spikes and extra heat.

That’s the same reason you shouldn’t leave your phone in your car on a hot summer’s day.

There are phones that are specially designed to be fast charging. If your phone isn’t one of those, be wary of miracle quick chargers.

You wouldn’t want to ruin your phone’s battery.


You shouldn’t see any diminished battery performance for at least a year. And if you follow these tips it should last even longer.

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