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9 ways to make life easier with your Android, using apps and accessories

September 02, 2016

9 ways to make life easier with your Android, using apps and accessories

Inventions... making life easier since the wheel

I’ve done the work, gone out, scoured the internets to test and try out these products to see what they can do to make our lives easier.
Because that’s what technology is for, making it so we can live on easy street.

1) Venmo

Incase you haven’t already heard about it Venmo is a great little app that let’s you transfer money between you and your friends.

For absolutely Free

Unless you use a credit card, then they have to charge you 3%.

But just use a debit card and you’re home free.

You’ll never get the “I don’t have any cash on me,” from any of your friends again. Plus you get to add a little message under the payment.
That part and how much you paid is public however, so if you’re trying to pay for something elicit you probably won’t want to be using Venmo.
You can also hide payments if you’re not into sharing, but half the fun of the app is seeing everyone’s payments to their friends.
And how funny they can word it, either with Emojis or clever sayings.
All you have to do is check your playstore and it’ll be one of the most common downloaded apps.
And you’ll be able to send money easy.

2) Photoshop Express

We all take pictures with our phones, but they don’t always come out nice.

For when they’re close, but just need a quick touch up.

Try Photoshop Express on your phone.

It’s free easy to use, and you’ll be one step closer having pictures that look like they were taken by a pro.

You can add filters and crop just like any other program, but with the name of Adobe you know you’re getting a quality product.

You’re able to go beyond simple filters and actually do some lighting, vibrancy, and more corrections that you just can’t do on other photo editing apps.

I have a few photography friends and they use the big Desktop version of Photoshop for doing major edits, or touch ups.

But if it’s to change red eye, crop, or lighting changes they say it’s actually easier with the app.

See how you can make your pictures look a lot better, a lot easier.

3) Tyme by Zizo

Tyme by zizo

This one is a combo.

It’s an app enabled smart case that is basically a window into the heart of your phone.

Not literally the heart but mostly it allows you to check and use most of your phone’s key features without ever having to open the case.

We all like the fold over cases like this, but we always have to flop open the cover to be able to check the time, see who messaged or called us, or take a quick picture.

With this case you’re able to do and check all that, plus turn on your flashlight, change or stop your music, and make quick calls to favourited contacts.

It comes with a bunch of different themes so you’re able to personalize it pretty well.

And it looks pretty stylish.

This one isn’t free though, but right now as a part of it’s launch sale it’s 50% off.

Follow the link to get one for yourself:

Then you’ll be not only looking pretty, but making calls easy too.

4) Cloud Magic

This is another app that makes checking your emails a lot easier.

The main difference with this one compared to the gmail app is that it can sync and work across, basically all, platforms.

 It doesn’t stop with just contacts from your several emails accounts.

It also syncs with all of your calendars.

Even though you’ll be getting mail from all of your accounts, it won’t be draining your battery or your data because it uses the cloud to poll your mail or push notifications.

Imagine yourself being able to go through all your email in one swipe, and all in one place.

I know its a pain for me. I think I have 6 emails. 

Who doesn’t have a few for junk mail subscriptions and few for professional and personal use?

So go on your playstore and download it to start making email easy.

5) MOS Springloaded Lightning Cable

Lets face it.

We all abuse out cables and most don't make it past 3 months.

This one may cost a bit more than the ordinary amazon cables, but they last a lot longer.

I’ve had mine for 3 months and it hasn’t gone bad yet.

It’s been designed to take a beating, and charge your phone quickly.

They also come without the lightning fast charging feature if you'd rather it take longer to charge your phone for some reason...

Here's where you can get some stupid easy charging cables:

6) Power Drive+ 3

Triple Charger!!!

Tell your friends to bring their own damn cord next time their riding in your car.

You can now charge up to three phones or tablets at once.

As long as you have enough cables to do it.

Each port pumps out 36 watts, that’s enough to charge three tablets at max speed.

Just pair this with number 5 and you'll have the ultimate portable car charger.

Not sure why you have three tablets in your car, but to each his own.

Now that’s is a lot of power, Anker makes it safe by implementing a temperature safety feature as well as a surge protection.

That way you don’t blow up your cigarette lighter or burn out your tablet.

7) Universal CD Car Mount Phone Holder

Now that you can easily charge your phone and your buddies at the same time in your car, you’ll need something to stop you from looking down at your lap while you’re driving.

By any means this is not a necessity, but if you have ever used Google Maps to get somewhere you know that it’d be a lot easier if you could see the route without having to look down.

There’s a lot of car mounts available.

Due to their popularity they’re really hard to find one that is better than all the rest.

They’re all pretty much the same except for where you can mount them. This one mounts to the CD player.

It seems to be the least intrusive, others block air vents while others will forever be stuck to your dash.

Some even mount to motorcycles.

Even if you don’t go with my suggestion, get a car mount if you ever use your phone while driving, it might save you from an accident.

They're not just for Uber drivers:

8 and 9) Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

You really need to get a pair of wireless headphones if you haven’t already.

They’re cheaper than ever and make working out with a headset so much easier.

Say goodbye to tangled cords or having that wire hit you in the chest while your jogging.

Plus alot of them are sweat proof.

Just don’t lose them.

And if you’re more into sharing your music with the public get a bluetooth speaker.

They’re great for when you’re at the beach, or some other kind of outing. These are also pretty weather resistant incase it starts to get stormy outside.

The more you pay is typically either for better sound quality or for more battery life.

Try them out for yourself, they’re worth the little bit that they cost.



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