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7 Best Things to do When You've Broken Your Phone

February 02, 2017

7 Best Things to do When You've Broken Your Phone

1. Make the Best of it

It’s not always as bad as it seems. Once you get over those few spiderweb cracks in the corner it won’t be so bad to look at.

Best part is, you’ll save yourself a grip of cash.

You can even get a plastic screen protector like the one above to help stop the spread of cracking.

The one above is a nearly unbreakable screen protector for iPhone 7.

We’ve even hit it with a hammer and nothing happened. I know, I wish we could have told you sooner too.

If you decide to live with it, there’s always the new phone background like the ones above =P

2. Water? You’ll need some rice

iPhone in Rice

Once you’ve gotten your phone out of whatever body of water it unfortunately fell into. The first thing you have to do is turn it off!

Dry it as best you can with a paper towel. If any parts are removable, remove them and dry them off too.

Then stick it in some rice. Or if you happen to have a bunch of silica packets that will work best.

Then let it sit for about 3 days and pray.

Of course if you have one of those newer phones, you probably don’t have anything to worry about unless it’s been in there longer than its IP rating.


3. Ask around for a loner?

Have any friends with an old iPhone? Or old Samsung?

Those are still good phones even if they are a bit dated.

You can always get a new battery from an online store like: and it will be about as good as it got for 2013.

Of course this is only your last resort. You would rather be caught dead than out with one of those things. Right?

4. Attempt a DIY repair

If you’re industrious and feeling up to the challenge there is always the DIY repair.

If you have a new model phone I wouldn’t suggest this method.

Unless you’re really industrious.

You won’t need much.

All you have to do is find the right screen on a site like and order some of the tools. Like tiny screwdrivers with that special hex bit, and plastic opening tools, heat gun, and special adhesive.

Watch plenty of tutorials online, like the one below, before attempting! It’s not as easy as it sounds. And if you feel discouraged there’s no shame in option number 5

5. Hire someone

It’s cheaper than buying a new phone, but it won’t be cheap!

Especially if you have a newer model phone.

Older phone models it would cost about 100 bucks or so to get a screen replaced.

Newer phones have added all these little features like the 3d touch that make it a bit more expensive.

Do your homework and find the a good technician, and be weary of the guy on craigslist that says he’ll fix your iPhone 7 screen for $20 bucks

6. Not worth the repair? Sell that Junker!

Amazon Buy and Sell Used

If you really need to, you can sell your phone.

There’s sites like Gazelle, Glyde, Ebay, and Amazon that will help you sell your phone and recoup some money.

But nowadays there’s no contract so chances are you didn’t get your phone for $100. Like the good old days.

Now phone carriers are breaking out the phone’s cost into payments.

And you’ll only get a fraction of what you paid. I’d do the math of what your cracked or broken phone is worth before trying to sell it. It may be better to fix it first.

7. Then Buy a New one!

Now that you’ve sold your phone, it’s time to get a new one!

Like I mentioned in the above post, phone carriers let you break out the payments so it isn’t anything more than $30 bucks a month for the most expensive phone.

If you’re feeling extra frugal it may be in your best interest to fix your screen, or whatever’s wrong with it, and then sell it to maximize how much you get.

Use that to offset the payments and you’ll be rocking that new Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus in no time

Samsung Galaxy S8


8. Now its Time to get a Case!

You may have even had a case last time. 

If it was one of those thin or bumper ones, they won't do a thing against a decent smack with the pavement.

You need a Military Grade case. With Zizo you get that protection just check our reviews on Amazon. Ours built for adventure and for use everyday.



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