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10 gift ideas so thoughtful your family might actually think you planned ahead this holiday season.

November 30, 2016

10 gift ideas so thoughtful your family might actually think you planned ahead this holiday season.


You can't have a thoughtful gift without doing

bit of homework.

Luckily, we've done it for you.

We’ve broken down 10 gifts to give for each type of character in your family or group of friends.

No matter who they are, there’s a perfect gift in this list for everyone.

1. For Parents or Grandparents - Amazon Echo.


A bit pricey but come on, they’re your parents and they’re worth it.

You’ll no longer be pestered by them to “google this” or “google that” anymore. With a quick “hey Alexa” they’ll be able to figure that obscure trivia out for themselves.

Once you get this nifty device hooked up for them they’ll have the perfect voice assistant. Their whole house will have been turned into a smart home.

They make great gifts for anyone who enjoys listening to Pandora or talk radio too.

Get yours Here


2. For Nieces, Nephews, cousins, and for Stocking Stuffer - Zizo Ion Case.


They’re cheap, affordable and they come in handy pretty often. Perhaps even at Christmas dinner if they’ve been having a bit too much fun.

Even if they already have a case, it’s something you don’t really think about replacing. But when it is, it’s a welcome change. These come about as sturdy as they can while still being universally accepted.

Find a color to match your favorite nephew or niece and they’ll be thankful they have a Zizo case (You thought we wouldn’t plug ourselves huh?)

Get Yours Here

3. For the Techy/Gamer



Depending on the type of gamer, they always need either a reliable keyboard or a great headset.

You can’t get any more reliable than a mechanical keyboard. Most are rated for about 50 Million clicks. Regular keyboards are about only 15 Million before they give out.

Even if the giftee doesn’t play games, they’ll instantly feel the difference from their old keyboard.

The mechanical ones just feel better.

They give a rewarding “thunk” when you press down on a key and they light up in a bunch of different colors.

Get a Mechanical Keyboard Here

If they already have a nice mechanical keyboard, or they’re a console gamer (PS4/Xbox One), they’ll enjoy a nice headset.

Make sure to get that one that is compatible with their system. Has some sort of noise cancellation, and a microphone.

It’s a good gift for you too. Now you won’t hear the cries of countless call of duty players dying. Just your techy giftee screaming when he’s been shot (in the game of course).

Get the Headset Here

4. For The Jock


Sure you can get them something team related. But I’m guessing they already have a bunch of jerseys and team hats.

What they probably don’t have is a Corn Hole Set.

Yes, it’s actually popular now.

You can find people playing it at tailgating parties before a big event or at parties. Anywhere people gather to have fun watching a sport, you’ll most likely find corn hole.

So give it a thought, it's something for the whole family to play after gift exchanges. And something for the Jock to play with their friends while watching some football. 

Get it here

5. For the Minimalist or just don't know what to get


Movie Tickets!

Who doesn’t love movies?

And since Star Wars Rogue One comes out later this December it’s the perfect time.

And who doesn't love Star Wars?

Maybe some book worms don’t like movies or star wars (they do exist). There’s a gift for them too next. 

Get tickets here

6. For Bookworms


Now this may be a bit played out since they’ve been out a while. But Kindles are still the best way to read without lugging a book around.

They’re pretty inexpensive and are specifically designed for reading. So they won’t hurt your eyes like how reading on an iPad would.

If they already have a Kindle, thinking about pairing it with a Amazon Prime Membership.

Now they have unlimited books for kindles that are included with the membership. Plus you'll get Movies, TV series, and of course fast and free shipping too.

Who doesn’t like that?

Plus maybe you can talk them into sharing.

7. For the Fashionista


No one can keep up with the latest fashion trends or taste of a young fashionista.

This one is extremely difficult and perhaps you’re better off not trying.

So you might as well let them decide with a Nordstrom’s Gift card or one to Anthropology.

They’ll thank you for it in the end.

Get yours here

8. For the Outdoorsy


Durable and fashionable backpack.

It not only works as a backpack, but doubles as a duffel bag.

Has a slot for a laptop if needed and plenty of space for carrying water or any other camping equipment.

Sure it’s not great for long backpacking hikes. But it gives that rugged feel for carrying around everyday. 

Get yours Here

9. For Beard People


This one doesn’t really fit a personality but more of a physical trait.

If one of your loved ones has a beard this is perfect stocking stuffer.

Everyone with a beard feels the pain of leaving hundreds of hairs around the sink or on the floor.

It’s so messy.

It’s about time someone figured out a way to help the bearded people groom themselves.

Get it here

10. The One for Laughs


Admittedly it’s a little funny to look at. And the real joke is who's going to clean it.

But it’s sure to be a conversation piece after they’ve ripped the wrapping off.

It won’t go unwanted if they have any young children who may need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Plus it’s pretty inexpensive. 

Get it here

That ends our list for now. Let us know if we missed any major personalities. Or if you need help thinking of any gift ideas!

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